Hooked on Brewing


The whole purpose of this unit is to act as an interrupt for the kegerator that I'm using as a fermentation chamber. When I brewed 25 years ago, I was always at the mercy of the weather and the air temperature inside my house for fermentation. Now, using this temperature control box, I can control the temperature perfectly. Lagers? Ales? Anytime of the year - no problem!

*Note: During the winter months I have a high heat lamp inside (like the kind you buy for lizards and turtles). If there is no heat source, the interior of the fridge will get too cold for Ale yeast - at least in my part of the country. In order to accomplish this, you need to break the bridge of the outlet so one side controls the on/off for the fridge and the other side controls the heat lamp. Works well...

Temperature Control Box